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Re: Mldonkey hostname ??

> > My localhost name is CASE (the name of my computer).  I believe it is
> > set up correctly; in every other program that asks for my hostname
> > substituting CASE works.
> >
> >
> Looking at the error message, it looks like mldonkey is looking for
> case, not CASE. It is unusual to see an uppercase host name.
My original attempt at configuration was 'case'.  CASE was only my last
attempt.  I have also tried 'localhost'.

'host case' (or localhost, or CASE) returns:
Host case not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

I am somewhat confused by the warning. "change the 'hostname' option to
the correct IP address of the host running mldonkey".

In this instance, is hostname the same as host?  And what does IP
address have to do with it?  Do they want my Internet Provider?  I
thought that was 'ISP'.  I am assuming 'case' or localhost is the host
that is running mldonkey.  That is where I downloaded and installed
mldonkey.  And that is where I find it with the locate mldonkey command.

I downloaded mldonkey because it seems to be the livna substitute for

The livna version (2.7.6) is almost two years old (May 22, 2006). The current version is 2.9.2.

I would pick a newer version somewhere, and see what happens.

Paulo Roma Cavalcanti
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