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Re: OT: unathorized network user.

Tim wrote:
NB and NB well:  MAC filtering so your neighbour doesn't accidentally
connect is NOT a SECURITY issue.  It doesn't matter, at all, if they try
and connect when you've got good encryption.
Bob Goodwin:
Encrypt what?  Where do I start implementing encryption?

The traffic.

You can use WPA2 encryption on the wireless hardware, with good
passwords/encryption keys.  I haven't recently gone looking to see if
there's an easy crack for this, it's a while since I had to deal with
securing someone else's network.  We cable things.  But going on prior
examples, I don't hold much faith in it being uncrackable.  Lesser, and
older, schemes are definitely no good, though (e.g. WEP).
I just wanted someone to assure me that encryption meant WEP/WAP whatever. I thought there may have been something else I had missed. Actually I have little worry about anyone gaining access to our wireless LAN due to our remote location and the absence of nearby neighbors. I know from experience that casual users with portables can't get into the system so my security is good enough to keep honest users from accidentally accessing this system.

We are however limited to WEP due to an old WET11 Ethernet adapter I put on the kids computer. However as I said I don't consider the wireless as a likely security problem.
Or, you can tunnel.  In this case, you need your access point to only be
*between* the remote wireless devices and some controllable network
device.  That other "controllable" part of your network is where you
apply the restrictions.  If your access point is also your internet
router, they'd have unfettered access to the internet.  You use an
encrypted tunnel through unencrypted networks.

This sounds like a "science project," at least it would be for me. The Netgear router gives me a convenient point of control and enables me to block access as needed, allow only certain MAC addresses, etc. I know none of this is high security, but probably enough for our purposes. Now if only I could get it to actually mail me it's logged data. I told it to do so, but that doesn't work and I can't find the log files except via the browser screen?

Bob Goodwin

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