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Re: OT: unathorized network user.

Bob Goodwin wrote:
Yes, I'm able to do:

mail -s "msg-logs" bobgoodwin wildblue net < /var/spool/mail/root

and get a nicely formatted copy of that sent through my Thunderbird mail.

Setting up the Netgear router via the browser interface never sends anything although I've set the server [numerically] and my e-mail address as it requests when I click on "send log" it churns a bit, clears the screen, but nothing is received, and the log data evaporates.

I guess the log data is stored internally in the router and I have no direct access to it other than through the browser interface.

Bob Goodwin

Unless you have changed the default configuration, Sendmail will only accept connections from, so mail from your router will be be rejected. On top of that, unless your hostname is wildblue.net, you need to let sendmail know that it should allow relaying from your router to your ISP, or accept it as local mail. You may want to look at the mail logs to see what is going on. The attempt should be logged.

I have a Netgear WGR614 that sends logs to my local e-mail address with no problems. I did have to use the IP address of my Linux box instead of the hostname. I have not tried having it send to my e-mail address at the ISP, because I almost never check that one. I can not have it sent to an infinity-ltd.com address because it has to relay through my ISP's mail server.

Then again, you have to do a lot of filtering of the log to extract the things of interest. I normally to not care to see the name of every site visited. (No kids here.)


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