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Re: Maintaining a local yum repository

Les Mikesell wrote:
Martin Marques wrote:

Is there something that will just do proxy with cache and not mirror
sync?  I mean, just download what you're installing or updating to
get cached in disk, not the whole repo.

Something like a proxy. :-D

Another method (also mentioned) is to nfs share your /var/cache/yum

IMHO, this is a crappy solution.

How so? While I'd prefer yum to play nice with a caching proxy that might already be set up, file sharing seems like a reasonable way to share files... If you already have a common network share it might work to copy one of the /var/cache/yum contents to it, then symlink all of them, avoiding the need to export a new shared directory.

For me it is a less than optimal solution because one of the machines I am trying to keep up to date is a laptop. I do not want to make a habit of mounting any network drives on that machine that are necessary for it's function since it will be traveling and off the internal network quite a bit of the time. I would prefer a solution that degrades gracefully if the laptop is away from the home network.

I am not quite sure what the best answer is, but I have seen some good ideas here. It bears thinking on.

Derek Tattersall                    tatters newsguy com

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