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Re: Ubuntu

Karl Larsen wrote:
Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Beartooth wrote:
Well I decided to do it myself and with some help, to wit, if you can click on details do so. Here is what I did to this point.

I know the non-working Ubuntu is at (hd0,7). So I put the cd-rom in and rebooted. It started the cd and Ubuntu came up in it's cd-rom mode. It takes care of Nvidia very well!

So I then said to install. I watched close and when it wanted to make a partition I said Manual. It showed me all the existing stuff and there was (hd0,7) so I told it to formate and put it there.

Later it wanted a name which I gave it and password. Then below that it had a tab saying "Details" so I clicked that. Up came a panel saying it was going to install Grub in (hd0). I erased that and put in (hd0,7) and it took off and loaded a bunch of stuff off the internet and then wanted to reboot. Did that and here I am back on F8 without doing a thing.

I will put in the F8 grub.conf a chainload for Umbutu and that will be that. Get used again to apt-get ...


   OK. I put in a device in my F8 grub.config that was exactly:

title Ubunto
    root (hd0,7)
    Chainloader +1

Now I can boot Ubuntu any time I care to. It takes care of the Nvidia all by itself and I was able to apt-get install gmfsk and xlog which takes care of my Ham Radio on the computer things and they work.

There are things which are odd but most are real nice. It needs updating 188 files so will do that when I turn off this computer around 7pm local and let Ubuntu get up-to-date while I sleep.



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