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Re: memory issues leading to rpm db corruption - Is badram= in fedora kernels ?

Alan Cox wrote:
When the package system works, it works great. When it breaks, it's a steep climb to put it right.

It should never break.

If you are seeing breakage it is a good idea to run memtest86 and similar
things on the system as the usual cause I've seen for this is faulty ram
Alan: according to memtest86+ you are on the money, it is finding errors between 969M and 1027M. This lies across the boundary between 2xidentical 512MB sticks, and a third {older} 512MB stick.

I am about to test singular chips, but also noticed the badram= patch for the kernel. As far as I can see from google, this hasn't been accepted into mainline, and would require manual compilation {and again on kernel updates}. Perhaps I am wrong with this ?

Also, I noticed in F7 the kdump capability could reserve memory regions ? crashkernel=128M 16M, could an {mis-}application of it be used to stop the kernel from accessing the bad ram ?


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