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Re: Wireless (again)

Timothy Murphy wrote:

I was however interested from a purely academic point of view
to know if it is possible to determine the chipset
either from documentation or by use of some application.

First, I have a PC card labeled "Orinoco Wireless Networks - Gold". It is made by Agere Systems. Has a nice product number on it of PC24E-H-FC. The label also has a serial number, a part number, a MAC address, a few other FCC and other agency's registration numbers.

I don't have a laptop running any incantation of Linux. So, I can't tell you if the output of "lspci -vv" would reveal any clue as to the type of chipset it contains. A scanning electron microscope may come in handy about now....

Or, try going to http://linux-wless.passys.nl/ and search there to see if your card is listed. I found mine...PC24E-H-FC. But, it is a good thing I used google to get to that web site as I didn't know that Agere was acquired by Lucent.

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