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Re: Can anyone explain the delay when switching from X to console

stan wrote:
It used to be (years ago) that the switch from X to a console would be almost instantaneous. Over the years, it just seems to keep getting longer and longer.

Can anyone explain this, and is there an adjustment to speed it up.
Maybe you are using different vga and video modes/resolutions than in your earlier test {that are less common and scanned for later}, or a different monitor.

Some monitors seem to change quickly into power save mode, and then take some time until they can show an image again {especially

For my nvidia fx5600 and dell 1024x768M LCD using nv driver:
To VT takes less than two seconds.
To X takes less than 1 second.

I have noted in the lists continued work on X and auto DPMS/edid etc monitor improvements. This might mean that the monitor detection is performed at every change {on your pc/card/monitor}, whereas before a hard written mode line was in the conf file.


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