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/usr/sbin/adsl-start: line 217: 13409 Terminated

Hi, all
      I am trying to connect bsnl dataone adsl connection over fedora
core 8, i have configured ppp0 interface by using pppoe-setup command
over eth0, and first time it worked well but when i restarted PC i am
getting the error, i am having dual operating system install Windows
Vista / Fedora core 8, i am using same modem with the same modem
configuration in Windows Vista it is able to connect, but in linux
when i put /sbin/ifup ppp0 command for birnging up ppp0 interface it
waits for some time give the following error

/usr/sbin/adsl-start: line 217: 13409 Terminated              $CONNECT
"$@" > /dev/null 2>&1
       I have checked with /var/log/messages but still not clue, what
is the cause of error, i have also tryied re-installing fedora on
different PC but still it gives same error after working first time.

* Please find the checks below i performed.
1) I am using Linksys AM300 ADSL modem, checked modem configuration &
confirmed that it is working in bridge mode with the proper settings
given by ISP
2) Confirmed eth0 interface is working by pinging modem & other pc's in network
3) confirmed that ppp0 configuration is OK, also tryied configuring
through WEBMIN but still same error.


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