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Re: CD and DVD ISO images

Todd Denniston wrote:

As a user who technically can not use torrent, I would like to know (and don't have time to understand the new tool yet), can I us jigdo with only a copy of a yum repo, i.e., if I do not have an ISO to diff against? Otherwise at least a "seed" ISO is going to be needed in the mirrors for each release.

And I assume that the md5/shasums of the resulting ISO will[1] NOT match those as produced by the fedora system in either case, correct? Which means I have to have rpm (armed with appropriate keys) walk the whole repository and verify packages before making the jigdo ISO.

You need two files that jigdo can download for you using http or ftp, you just tell it where the jigdo is.

It can use one or more repos to fill in the ISO image, and any of the repos can be on your local network.

When done, the checksum does match the real thing.

jigdo is quite good, I've been using it and recommending it for years. However, it does not address the original subject of this thread.



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