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Broadcom B43 Wireless Card / Driver Issues

I am using Fedora 8 x86_64 (kernel on my Dell Vostro
laptop which has a Broadcom Corporation BCM94311MCG wireless mini PCI
lan device which has been automatically detected and uses the b43
wireless driver.

I have configured the wireless device wlan0 using a static IP address
and have provided the ESSID, CHANNEL, MODE, RATE settings. The
wireless device comes up and gets associated with the  Access Point /
Wireless Router when the system is started. However if the wireless
router is restarted the wireless device on the laptop fails to
associate with it again and I have to restart the network service in
order to connect to it. If I remember correctly, the Intel Centrino
ipw2200 device on my older laptop never had this problem and nor does
a PCI wireless card (Realtek 8180) which I have configured using
ndiswrapper. What could be the reason for this problem ? Any tips or
suggestions ?


Manish Kathuria

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