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[FEDORA Core 8] [3Ware 3DM] Install problem

Hello Guys,

I've a fresh install of Fedora core 8 on my server.
I use a 3ware 7506 as SCSI HDD controller and I badly need to install the 3Ware 3DM or 3DM2 management software.

The problem is:

When I try do install 3DM (I've need to install first csh shell) : ./install.3dm Everything seems to work during the installation...I answer no for the rmp question and the install script exit with no error. Then 3dm doesn't not launch at reboot and there is no script in /etc/init.d/ wich should be 3dmd.
When I try to launch /usr/sbin/3dmd I've got a strange error message:

"Error: opendir() failed - No such file or directory. Check if the driver is loaded."

I've checked and the 3w_xxxx is loaded....

Any solution????

When I try to install 3DM2 (binary installer): ./setupLinux_x86.bin
The script looking for Java, install Bundled JRE, lauching Wizard....then abort with this message:

        Initializing Wizard........
         Launching InstallShield Wizard........

./setupLinux_x86.bin: line 1958: 29186 Aborted "/tmp/istemp17258029105548/_bundledJRE_/bin/java" -cp .:::::"/tmp/istemp17258029105548/setupx86.jar"::::: -Djava.io.tmpdir="/tmp" -Dtemp.dir="/tmp" -Dis.jvm.home="/tmp/istemp17258029105548/_bundledJRE_" -Dis.jvm.temp="1" -Dis.media.home="/tmp/istemp17258029105548/setupx86.jar" -Dis.launcher.file="/root/3dm/./setupLinux_x86.bin" -Dis.jvm.file="/tmp/istemp17258029105548/_bundledJRE_/jvm" -Dis.external.home="/root/3dm/." run >> /dev/null 2>> /tmp/istemp17258029105548/APP_STDERR

java: xcb_xlib.c:50: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `c->xlib.lock' failed.

Then exit to shell prompt :-/

I wouldn't be boring but it's quite urgent (need a solution today) :-((((

Please heeeeeeeeeeelp..........

Thanks for your help

fn;quoted-printable:Herv=C3=A9 Richard
adr:;;Av. de l'hippodrome, 147;Brussels;;1050;Belgium
email;internet:herve periactes com
tel;work:+32 (0) 2 649 80 89
tel;fax:+32 (0) 2 648 27 22

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