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Re: lvm re-install strategy

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Timothy Murphy a écrit :
| François Patte wrote:
|> I have an fc6 install with LVM and want install f8.
| I don't see any problem.

If this refers to the preceeding, I agree....
|> I have 3 hdd: sda, sdb, sdc.
|> sda has 1 partition: sda1 LVM
|> sdb has 2 partitions: sdb1 ext3
|>                       sdb2 LVM
|> sdc has 1 partition: sdc1 LVM
|> sdc1 and sdb2 are in the same volume group.
|> System in living in sdb and sdc and sda is practically free.
|> The root partition / is on sdb1 and all other vital partitions (/usr,
|> swap, /var, /opt, /tmp and /home) are logical volumes on sdc1.
|> My idea is to perform the new install on sda: sda1 will be the root
|> partition /, and build a volume group sda2 for /usr, swap, /opt /tmp and
|> /var; /home will be left where it is.
|> Here begins my problem: I would like, after install retrieve (almost)
|> all files from fc6 install. For /home, there is no problem, I think
|> that, at install time, I will be be asked if I want to keep my /home
|> volume wherever it is. But for other volumes (/var where my dns config
|> is...) or /opt (where my texmf and some other out of standard are) I
|> don't know how to get them once the new system will be installed.
|> How could I access to these partitions for, now, they are mounted on
|> /dev/mapper/.... but these devices are created at boot time in the /dev
|> which is on sdb1 and, even if I mount /dev/sdb1 from the fresh install,
|> I will be unable to access them because the new system is mounted on
|> sda.....
| I haven't understood the details of your setup.
| But couldn't you run Knoppix (or one of the other Linux-on-a-CD's)
| and activate your LVM partitions with "vgchange -a y" (as root)?

This I don't know, I think that I could do something like this using the
rescue cd.

| Won't "lvdisplay" then tell you the names of the corresponding devices?

The problem is there:

~ ~]# lvdisplay
~  --- Logical volume ---
~  LV Name                /dev/fedora/usr

This /dev is the one which is currently working on the fc6 (so, in sdb1

Once f8 will be installed on sda, there will be a /dev for f8 on sda1
but even if I mount /dev/sdb1 (which an ext3 partition, the "/dev" of
this fc6 partition will be empty because the device "fedora" is created
during the fc6 boot....

So, I don't know how to mount the "old" logical volumes.

|> Another (related) question: is it possible, through grub, to have the 2
|> systems (f8 and fc6) working? I mean, not at the same time but possibly
|> choosen at boot time? what are the magic command to give before
|> installing the bootloader, during the installation of f8, in order to
|> get this possibility.
| Again, I'm not sure of your exact question,
| but it is certainly possible to have grub stanzas
| corresponding to different versions of Fedora.

Yes, of course.

| Personally, I would not rely on the Fedora installation
| to setup things as I desire.
| I would install F8, and then re-write grub.conf
| to contain one or more entries for FC-6.
| You shouldn't need to re-install grub, as far as I can see.

I was just wondering if I could write some "grub.conf" at install time...

Thanks for your answer.

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François Patte
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Université Paris Descartes
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