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Re: source sharing group

Cameron Simpson escribió:

Not really. Anyone can use a VCS. Why should they need to be in a particular
group? That is a policy decision for your particular system.  Example: at my
workplace there are SVN and CVS repositories with _different_ groups to
constrain access to particular project groups.

You mean that all the other groups that a normal Fedora Server/Workstation has are always needed?

What group should /var/cvs or /var/lib/cvs have?

For your system you may well have a single group who uses the VCS, and
then you need only one group. But you don't really need a group at all
(for example, I have a few mercurial repositories at home wholly for me
- no group is involved at all).

Well, actually I was trying to build a centralized mercurial repository to share with hgweb, and I stumbled when looking for a group to use.

BTW, a /var/lib/hg directory wouldn't hurt to have after installing mercurial. If you want to have a centralized copy to share, you know where to put it (in a standardized mode), else, it's just an empty directory laying there.

So a VCS shouldn't impose a group on the system. Make the group
yourself, and set your own policy as you see fit.

Why not have a standard group for this?

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