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Someone from my company had the following question/situation:

He ssh's to a remote site (to get there it is a 204.X.X.X address from
the router, but the actual eth0 address is a 192.168.X.X addres once
you get in).

He logs in (via ssh) as root.
He does a few things.
He logs out, and then the system hangs
until a reboot is done.

This is about all the information he told me.  Anyway he
wants me to find out if anyone has had a similar
situation or has any idea what is going on?  It is
using CentOS 4.5, and going through a router.

Another thing.  In addition to an ethernet driver, there is
a driver for another card in the system, whose IP address
is  Anytime someone does ifconfig or something
similar it call a stats() function, and in /var/log/messages
there are hunderds of log entries that this function was called
(every 10 minutes).

Anyone have any ideas?

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