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ever see an HP 1018 laser Jet? why do print job disappear?

Hello, Fedora users!

Does this problem remind you of anything?

In one of the Fedora 7 systems I administer, I've seen something very
strange with a new HP 1018 laser printer.  We plug in the USB
connector, and dmesg output indicates the system sees the device.  In
both system-config-printer and also in the CUPS configurator in the
browser, we see 3 lines showing the same printer.  One refers to an HP
printer found by HAL, one refers to an HP printer on hpijs protocol,
the other refers to a USB device.  I don't know why 3, but  that is
par for the course. I see it with all CUPS HP printers, I think.

There is no HP1018 laser jet device driver in the HP list, but there
is 1015, which experience leads me to believe is close enough.

Here's the weird part. I configure the HP printer--using any of the 3
types that show as options ,and send jobs to the printer, and as far
as CUPS is concerned, they print.  But there's no output from the
printer.  In KDE, I've started the printer monitor, and I can see the
jobs pop up onto the print que, and they disappear.  But they never
come out of the  printer.

As I write this, I'm having a faint memory of something like this on
another HP printer.  I think it was an HP1200 on which one lighted
button would flash but nothing would print until the button was
pressed.  But I don't think I ever got to the bottom of that problem.

Do you suppose my best hope is to find the PPD file that the HP
windows driver supplies, and install that instead of choosing from the

Paul E. Johnson
Professor, Political Science
1541 Lilac Lane, Room 504
University of Kansas

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