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Re: package manager problems: rpm db corruption|glibc detected double-linked|etc

Tim wrote:

Static's usually not a problem for the assembled computer.  Though
there's cases of people walking up to a running computer and zapping it
to death, and mouse cables charging up as they're dragged about the
desk, they're a bit of a rarity.

Back when computers were real computers, and the US dollar was worth about 70c (and shrinking), we had a room full of IBM 3270-compatible terminals (I think they were actually Ratheon or something), a chap (later my boss) got all charged up and accidentally discharged himself on a terminal.

The terminals were all connected with coax cable to a controller (star configuration, think of it as being a bit like a switch), and the shock shut the controller down.

It restarted okay, but a dozen or so of us lost our work in progress.



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