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Re: Customizing Fedora Core 6

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Praveen Raj S (pravee1216) wrote:
Dear All,

I am working on customizing fedora core 6 with limited packages,and some additional packages. I trimmed all packages to 1.4 GB and planning to make installation disks(probably 2 CDs).

Now I have the same directory structure what CD1 has, but only difference is RPMS directory contains all trimmed pacakages.

I have resolved all the package dependencies using "rpm --test". My query is how can I divide the RPMs so that we can accomodate in 2 CDs.
Please provide me some suggestions or procedure for doing this

You probably shouldn't use Fedora Core 6 anymore since that release has been EOL'ed and does not get any updates. If you are using Fedora 7 or above, there are a number of tools that makes customizing Fedora a much easier task.

If you want the FC6 level software, with a longer life, then CentOS5 is good. It's clone of RHEL5, and the sofware selection us pretty much the same vintage (doubtless FC6 has more).

Oh, and learn about Anaconda for remastering.



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