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What is going on with Eclipse, and PUP?

======== Eclipse ===========
I have posted several posts in regards to Eclipse and it seems that no one has 
been able to address it.

I have complained that the latest Eclipse will not work.  It does not even 
come up at all and eclipse points you to your ~/.eclipse log file of which it 
appears that PDE is not working and that there are several files missing.

I have completely removed eclipse from my system (as far as I can tell) and 
then re-installed the BASIC eclipse offered via Package Manager and yet it 
tells me the same thing, check the log files, same errors.

Can anyone tell me why there is silence on this?  Am I in the right mailing 
list (For users of Fedora) regarding Eclipse or do I have to report elsewhere 
like (Fedora Develop Java) list which I did anyway whilst this mailing list 
shows very little or almost no activity for several days?

========= PUP =============
I have followed the instructions in fedorafaq.org which adds the livna and 
other repositories - so the PUP update says:

xine-lib-extras-nonfree - 1.1.10-1.lvn8.i386 updates xine-lib-extras-nonfree -

Applying this update results in:
Dependency Error:
Missing Dependency: xine-lib = 1.1.10 is needed by package 

Do I ignore this update until the dependency library becomes available at some 
point in the future?


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