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Re: construction estimating software

Frank Cox wrote:
On Tue, 29 Jan 2008 18:36:47 -0500
Robert L Cochran <cochranb speakeasy net> wrote:

But as another poster mentioned here, you need to consider the timing.
In house construction timing is a very important factor in controlling
costs. From the excavator to the roofer, you need to plan and time the
work of a large number of specialists plus usually a crew of laborers. I
don't know what to suggest these days.

It's my understanding that he's mostly interested in a materials list, though I
could be wrong.  The way that he explained it to me, he wants to be able to
design and draw his house, then get a list of "582 2x4's, 96 bales of
insulation, 250 sheets of plywood" and so on.

I have seen one of these in use. It was a custom spreadsheet designed for the lumber company that I was at. They would enter in the details of your design (garage in my case) and then modify the details.

If you wanted to use 2X10's then it would change the 2X8's to 2X10's and recalculate.

I wonder if there is a script that could pull the lumber details from a *.dxf file created in qCad.

One thing I learned is many estimations used by lumber companies come up short if you do a better quality job.

Also, I wouldn't build a house out of 2x4's any more. The energy savings for 2x6 or 2x8 are well worth the extra cost. :) I say this as I see the Melville Sask in your message and it is bloody cold out.

Robin Laing

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