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Re: Good bye

Karl Larsen wrote:
I did a temporary setup of Ubuntu and started playing with it. I signed up for their technical list and have talked with some very smart people.

The nice thing about Ubuntu is that you don't need to know a lot to
use it. The problem with Ubuntu is that nothing is in the 'standard'
places so you can fix things.

These guys are not IT people for a company, they are Ubuntu users. We get along just fine. I think the entire Fedora setup is bad. You must like to fix your operating system to fit in. Change is the name of the game.

Well now I get to ignore Karl on that list instead of this one.

I actually wish Karl the best of luck.

Well Ubuntu has arrived. It works in ways Fedora will never understand. Good Bye.

... Dispatch tech replace user!

The problem with the ignorant is that they never know any better.

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