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Re: Anyone seen radeon driver fail to find DVI?

It's the same thing with the MGA driver.  Sure wish I could get that downloaded from Matrox, but they seem to have FTP and support issues.

Tom Horsley <tom horsley att net> wrote:
Haven't had a chance to gather much data on this, but on a machine at home
with a fairly old radeon card (might be a 9200 or 9600, I can't look right
now), debian etch has no problem running the display with the xorg radeon
driver it has, but fedora 8 can't talk to the display.

When I look at the log file, I see it believes that it should be talking
to DDC_VGA (which isn't connected), doesn't find a monitor (which makes
sense), and refuses to talk.

The log when I boot debian doesn't mention VGA at all, but goes right
to the DVI connector and works fine.

Just wondered if this rings any bells for anyone before I kill a
lot of time to examine it in more detail.

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