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Re: Good bye

Les Mikesell wrote:

Much of his problems had to do with 3rd party software like the Nvidia drivers, skype, etc. It's hard to imagine how ubuntu could be more hostile to 3rd parties than fedora.
I'm glad you have such a positive assessment of Fedora.

Feel free to point out how I'm wrong if you can find any cases where the distro goes out of its way to help enable its users to install/use any 3rd party item. The best thing I can say is that they try to be internally self-consistent most of the time. But in my opinion, an operating system should be just be a platform where you install other things. If it doesn't either provide a stable interface for those things or a mechanism to help deal with its unstable nature, there's not much point to using it.

Many years ago, RH used to ship CDE, maybe around RHL 4.x.

Unfortunately, CDE had a security problem. CDE is closed software. RH takes security more seriously than its supplier did. RH could not get a fix in a suitable timeframe.

RH immediately withdrew support, suggested people did not use it, and offered paying customers a credit against their next purchase.

RH was a new company then; anyone who's still around from then is likely senior management now.

Whatever their beliefs then, I'm sure that that experienced moved them a a few points towards "open source and only open source."



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