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Re: Good bye

--- Res <res ausics net> wrote:
> A large part of the reason for EOL'ing all fedora is
> the bullshit politics, 
I am with you here!  :) 

but I can tell you of a Fedora that never goes EOL, it
always gets updated and when something occasionally
goes down, there many kind people of the fedora
community that help out and fix it.  They bring the
next fedoras to life which are the ones that with the
EOL problems.  

The Fedora version that never gets EOL'd is called
rawhide.  It works and you do not need to worry about
politics just help in testing.  Just tag along for the
ride.  Testers are always welcome :)  
> and lastly but by no means least, poor QC.
Everybody makes mistakes.  No one distro is the best
in everything.  I see errors made by all distros.  

However, like you have mentioned mission critical
servers Slackware/RHEL/CentOS or others fit the bill
better.  If users out there use Fedora for that there
are no guarantees that everything will work with every

> -- 



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