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Re: Good bye

On Wed, 30 Jan 2008, Antonio Olivares wrote:
> your kidding me? without fail fedora has on previous releases, an updates 
> directory size of 1 gig within a week, in fact f7 had it within 3 days (we 
> used to run fedora mirror, yeah I EOL'd that as well 12 months ago :) )
> I know its bleeding edge, but thats  still no excuse for incompetant 
> quality control.

Updates are Good Things(TM). It shows that Fedora developers are finding
and fixing bugs in an appropriate and timely fashion. 

Granted, it's better to not have the bug in the first place, but the
people who write the software and those who maintain it in Fedora, and
those who use it are all just that: People. No one is perfect, and
nothing that anyone makes can therefore also be. 

If fixing things quickly like this is "incompetant [sic] quality
control,"  I don't want to imagine what "proper" QC is...
Peter Gordon (codergeek42)
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