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Re: Good bye

Arthur Pemberton wrote:

Got any examples of that?
Since this is Karl's thread, his problems with Nvidia and sound should
be famous by now and apply to any kernel modules.

I don't receive Karl mail, sorry

But every fedora
version has required new patches to VMware that you have to track down,

Wasn't aware of this. And you're saying that this is intentional by
the Fedora dev team?

Changes don't just happen by accident - someone has to make them.

firewire has had about 50/50 odds of working, anything that knew device
names would break from one version to the next,

While some Fedora devs may be kernel hackers, I doubt they are to
blame for firewire support.

Some issues were with the kernel, some with the layering of device detection when the connection is made or at boot time. Regardless, fedora doesn't have to ship a broken kernel just because it exists.

CIPE hasn't worked since

Are you referring to this CIPE?
http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-mini/Cipe+Masq.html I wasn't familiar
with the term.

Yes, once it was a fill-in-the-form VPN in the networking setup. Next version it was gone with no options to support existing setups.

FC1...  What other OS forces you to go though these contortions
continuously just to continue getting security fixes for the bugs it ships?

You lost me there. I don't see how this fits with the rest of your
post. where are getting security fixes (udpates) being related to
using software that isn't build for Fedora on Fedora?

I don't mind doing a substantial amount of work to install things that weren't planned, but then I'd like it to keep working. You can't just keep running fedora without putting your box (and everything else on the network) at risk when the security updates stop. And then there is almost no chance that you can just repeat your steps with the next version since it will have a huge number of arbitrary changes, including things that affect hardware compatibility.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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