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Re: Nautilus annoyances - can configuration change these, if so how?

Chris G wrote:
    Nautilus opens a new window for every directory, this rapidly gets
    annoying with deep hierarchies.  Is there an option to get
    Nautilus to open a new directory/folder in the *same* window?
    (Windows can do it, when using XP I always have this option set)

No. Not as far as I can tell. Even when delving into the depths of the (mostly undomcumented) hideosity that is gconf.

    When using the File - Open Location option nautilus defaults the
    location to the home directory *and* selects it so that it
    overwrites what's in the clipboard.  This is *intensely* annoying
    if you have just carefully selected the directory you want to go
    to (in another window) and have put it in the copy buffer already.
    Can I turn off the auto-entry of the home directory and/or the
    automatic selection of the text?

Also no.

Welcome to GNOME. "our way or the highway" :)

Incidentally, if you want a filemanager that does behave the way you like (and has some *very* cool features, like proper regex-based search-and-replace file renaming, or renaming based on audio tags), you should look at Thunar, which is also gtk-based so has a fairly small footprint. I use this for preference on whatever desktop env I run.

Stuart Sears RHCA etc.

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