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Re: Nautilus annoyances - can configuration change these, if so how?

On Thu, 2008-01-31 at 10:20 +0000, Chris G wrote:
> However, for me, nautilus has some very annoying defaults and I'm
> wondering if they can be changed, i.e. :-
>     Nautilus opens a new window for every directory, this rapidly gets
>     annoying with deep hierarchies.  Is there an option to get
>     Nautilus to open a new directory/folder in the *same* window?
>     (Windows can do it, when using XP I always have this option set) 

I can't answer the other, just this.  Open the Nautilus preferences, the
behaviour tab has an always open in browser windows option, tick it. 

You're right that it sucks, though.  It's a file browser, it's not a
file manager.  I wish there were something like the DOPus 5 for Windows,
for Linux.  One feature I'd particularly like to find in a file manager
is filtering which hides things that don't match your filter.

e.g. You'd hide all files that don't match *something*, then you can
look through a short list for what you want to work with.  Opening
files, if you want to.  Checking out the others in your short list,
without it resetting itself.

Nautilus has a select by pattern feature, but it cancels the moment you
use any file it's selected, and you have to retype the pattern in again.
Not to mention that it starts from the top of the selection, again, and
you have all the other things you don't want to look at still in the
lister window.

No the command line is NOT better than the GUI, but many of the GUIs in
Linux programs do leave a lot to be desired.

(This computer runs FC7, my others run FC4, FC5 & FC6, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.
I read messages from the public lists.

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