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Re: Nautilus annoyances - can configuration change these, if so how?

Tomasz Torcz wrote:
Dnia 31-01-2008, czw o godzinie 10:20 +0000, Chris G pisze:
I tend to use the command line most of the time but I occasionally use
Nautilus when, for example, I'm housekeeping image files and it's
useful to be able to see the images.

However, for me, nautilus has some very annoying defaults and I'm
wondering if they can be changed, i.e. :-

    Nautilus opens a new window for every directory, this rapidly gets
    annoying with deep hierarchies.  Is there an option to get
    Nautilus to open a new directory/folder in the *same* window?

 1) you can middle-click instead of left-click. It will close parent

Fair enough, I didn't know that.
where is that documented?

 2) you can use Nautilus in browser mode: Applications -> System tools
-> file browser or Right-click folder -> Browse; or nautilus --browser

Not exactly what the OP asked.

Personally (yes I know many will not agree) I find nautilus to be a glaring weak link in the GNOME desktop, irritating to use and hard to configure. Having said that, most of GNOME has very limited config options unless you use gconf*. (Which is for the most part undocumented.)


[* insert involuntary shudder at this point.]
Stuart Sears RHCA etc.

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