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Re: F8 Evolution and dropped reply-to style

> Bruno Wolff III wrote:
>> That is the proper way to do things. That way you work your way down
>> through

But then, Just as Stuart also noted, why is it inserting the empty line at
the top, with the cursor on that line. Does not make sense to me, but it
looks _very_ inviting to just start typing whatever response and then
press send.

> Agreed. Removing the config option makes no sense though.
> (although top-posting has taken over the world. No, I don't want to
> start a new flame war. top-posting is like marmite. You either love it
> or hate it.)

Nor am I looking for a flame war (too old for that). However what I would
like to have is the _possibility_ to configure Evolution to behave as it
did for a very long time, ie.
quote-message-and-put-the-prompt-under-the-quote. No need to trim when you
have the possibility to highlight a section of a message and then press
reply and presto, only that section is quoted in your reply. Kudos to
whoever implemented that functionality.


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