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Re: Good bye

Ian Malone wrote:

Since this is Karl's thread, his problems with Nvidia and sound should be famous by now and apply to any kernel modules.

And, as always, he was told ages ago the way to get Nvidia working
on Fedora and chose to ignore it until he stumbled onto it by trial
and error.

He was told different and conflicting ways by different people and following different sets of advice broke things. Why should an extremely common user requirement have to be satisfied by following some random other user's advice from a mail list? As we can see by example, this doesn't work that well.

I didn't follow his sound problems closely but they
appeared to be with pulseaudio, which was designed to fix a long-
standing sound problem, is not a kernel issue and, in any case, can
be removed and F8 run without it.

He tried to remove 'pulseaudio' instead of the obscure package name that you actually do have to remove and it damaged his system.

Anyway, we've heard this axe ground so often I'm surprised there's
anything left of it.

Does the truth hurt? What's the problem with repeating it? I'd like to see something resembling truth-in-advertising on the project site about the expected user experience for the very common situations where a vendor driver works better than the stock one or is needed to work at all, the user wants to run java, VMware or a number of other 3rd party programs, or the user expects to keep running without re-installing for any length of time.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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