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Re: Good bye

On Thu, 2008-01-31 at 10:06 -0500, James Kosin wrote:
> (2)   Karl is probably old enough to be many peoples grandfather on
> this list.  (I'm making a big assumption on this; since Karl has
> already revealed his age)  So show a bit of respect. 

This isn't a "Karl issue".  You get respected for acting in a way that
generates respect.  It is not something gifted upon you simply due to
age.  Acting in a converse manner, which he did, earned himself his

Courtesy is another matter.  You try to be courteous to people, as part
of your own good conduct, right from the start.  But we're not obligated
to continue to do so towards someone who's being antagonistic.  Though,
being courteous towards someone whilst your berating them for being a
prick, can be advantageous ... and amusing for the audience.

Over the years I've encountered many people who've "demanded" respect,
none of which deserved it, so they didn't get it.  Those who deserved
respect, got it because their conduct impressed the people around them.


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