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Re: New FC8 install: How to prevent auto-mounting???

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Le 31.01.2008 18:10, Mark C. Allman a écrit :
> On Thu, 2008-01-31 at 11:56 -0500, Joe(theWordy)Philbrook wrote:
> I use mc from a konsole to do my file browsing. I'm quite comfortable
> with using mount & umount from the command line as needed. I really
> dislike finding filesystems already mounted when I expressly set them up
> with the noauto option in my /etc/fstab. How can I stop it from
> happening?
> I'd actually prefer a root command line solution that will
> make it impossible for kde to turn automounting back on.
> In case it matters, I boot to runlevel 3 and start kde via startx as
> needed. 

> I ran into the exact same thing last night.  A file system marked
> "noauto" was mounted at boot time.  I had to comment out the line
> in /etc/fstab and hack around the problem (put something in rc.local)
> but it's a royal hack, not a solution.

The culprit is gnome or kde... for kde, I don't know, but for gnome you
have a System>Preferences>Removable medias (something like that) where
you can choose what you want.

Anyway there is some problem there: as cd/dvd devices are no more
mentionned in fstab, I think that if you don't use auto-mount, you will
be unable to mount your cd/dvd if you are not root....

This is boring: same happens if you want to format a cd/dvd/usb-key...
whatever, you cannot unmount them to perform the operation if you are
not root...

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