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Re: Good bye

On 31/01/2008, James Kosin <jkosin beta intcomgrp com> wrote:
> Everyone,
> In all fairness to Karl (and others like him), we need to be fair.

The following is all good advice, but there are a couple of

> (1)   This is a list for beginners and users.  This is not a list for
> developers and geeks; although they are extremely welcome to stay and
> answer a few questions now and then.

'Developers and geeks' are users too, and some of the best
sources of information on this list.  I do also believe some of
the people who are most critical of Fedora are also some of
the people who know best what they're talking about and are
very valuable members.

> (2)   Karl is probably old enough to be many peoples grandfather on this
> list.  (I'm making a big assumption on this; since Karl has already
> revealed his age)  So show a bit of respect.

Age shouldn't really come into it, I would rather say everyone is
due basic civility (which you cover later).

> Some things to consider:

> (b)   Before you blindly respond, ask "Do I need more information to
> intelligently answer the question?", "Can I truly help, or may I just be
> adding a distraction in my response confusing others?", "Is it something
> I'm familiar with?  Answering a question when you don't have all your
> facts will only frustrate a simple user."

This maybe expects a bit too much if you expect "normal
users" to answer other "normal users'" questions.  If people
are answering to the best of their ability then, unless they're
experts, you will get conflicting advice.  Asking for help on
a mailing list you must be able to sift the responses for value
and common information, because you can't make all the
respondents follow this rule.

> (c)   Try to be KIND! CONSIDERATE!, and POLITE!  Adding rude comments,
> gestures, or other dis-respectable responses discredits any GOOD answers
> you may have.
> Lastly, always remember. Like everything else you can alway ignore the
> question if you don't have anything constructive to add.

We can live and hope.


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