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Re: Good bye

Chris Jones wrote:

And there is nothing about the hostility to outside software.

I don't think it is so much hostility as ambivalence.

OK, if you describe fedora as 'user ambivalent', it at least makes the need for ubuntu to exist very clear.

I prefer the original definition which was effectively 'non-OSS, binary kernel blob and alike ambivalent' -

Which, once you understand the need for those items, translates pretty clearly to user-hostile.

You may disagree but many people, and I think Fedora in general, considers this to be good for the user, in the long run.

Yes, I do disagree as I do in other cases where religious beliefs are used to justify hostile actions as being 'good' for others. My own belief is that the availability of an 'affordable' system (both in price and effort to maintain) is much more important than 'free with restrictions', and 'affordable' won't happen unless all parties cooperate.

Ubuntu takes a different view point on what is good for the user, which seems to match yours better. I personally think we need both view points, and trying to suggest Fedora should become more like Ubuntu is a bad idea which will never happen.

I guess whether you think it's good or bad depends on whether you'd like more or fewer people to learn RH style administration vs. the debian/ubuntu style. I have enough time invested in learning RH style that I'd prefer not to start over.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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