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Re: Good bye

Arthur Pemberton wrote:

If some entity in the community provided a repository containing, for
example, the Nvidia drivers that many users need, could said entity get
their repository configuration included in this "community based
distribution" to make installation automatic?

You do realize, that Fedora cannot do this for legal reason.

Beg your pardon? There is nothing illegal about the Nvidia drivers or providing the access that users need to them.

I think you're way offline with considering lack of support for this
that you did not pay for with being hostile.
And I think it is reasonable to compare it to other distributions like
ubuntu instead of just assuming that the hostility should push users to
the for-pay version conveniently provided by a related company.

Right. Because redhat includes Nvidia, Skype and VMWare in their releases.

They don't break these with every kernel update.

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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