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Re: firefox, mplayerplug-in

On Thursday 31 January 2008 19:02, francis keyes wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm using Fedora 7 with firefox-
> Whenever I try to download an mp3 the file opens in Firefox and starts
> playing instead of asking me what I want to do with the file.   i thought
> this might be the mplayerplug-in at work but removing the plugin with yum
> made no change.
> I tried Preferences--> Content--> File Types--> Manage but no file types
> are listed and I can't add any.
> Does nyone know how to tell Firefox what to do with an mp3 file?
> Thanks

Hi Francis. I think you'll find that Firefox will do much as any browser when 
clicking on a music file. It will try and play it, rather than download it.

Looking at this site for example. http://www.musically.me.uk/updates.html

If I click on an mp3, Firefox starts to use mplayerplugin to play it. If you 
right click on the file, you can use the "save link as" option, to save the 
file to disk.

I use KDE, and Kget for downloads, and have installed the Flashgot plugin on 
Firefox. The Flashgot plugin allows me to download files using KDE's Kget. 
Again, if you right click on the mp3 file, and select "FlashGot Options", you 
have an option to use Kget for the download, and can then decide where you 
want to download the file to.

All the best.


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