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Re: Good bye


I mean that as opposed to having logical reasons or evidence to back them up.

What exactly needs 'proving' ? Fedora have decided, for better or worse, to take the path they have. They don't need to justify that choice to anyway. Whether they get (or keep) any users is justification enough.

What you believe is fine, I have some sympathy for your view point. My point is Fedora has placed itself at a particular niche in the linux distro landscape that doesn't match your wishes. I applaud Fedora for the semi-radical stance they take and believe we need a distro out there like that. As much as I believe we need a distro like ubuntu.

To whatever extent this fragments the installed base and makes it difficult for 3rd party software to run across the variations it works against the general acceptability of Linux and hurts everyone. We are just continuing the old unix flavor wars that gave Microsoft an easy monopoly and ensuring that things can't change.

Anti-septic hurts, but in the long run it helps cure problems. Fedora (I believe) are promoting what in the long term is the right way to go. Time will tell if it is the correct approach(/treatment).


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