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Evolution, Exchange, and outgoing mail: setup issues?

I got tired of KMail because for some reason or another it was somehow
capturing and sending duplicates back into the IMAP server.  Also, it seems
darn slow when new email messages comes through forcing me to wait several
minutes for scan completion before I can even browse the email message.

So,  I decided to switch to another email client.  I tried Thunderbird, but unfortunately
the IMAP implementation did not even list all of my sub folders as Kmail did so I gave
that one up in a hurry.

Finally,  I decided to try out evolution since my M$ Exchange server is my primary
email server and evolution has the exchange connector builtin for it.

Everything seemed a cinch, that is I can connect and quicky see all my folders,
and other things such as to delete emails and so on.  Fast and great!

Unfortunatly, I cannot send email messages through it.

I searched everywhere trying to figure out why I cannot send email messages
through evolution via the exchange connector, why, even when I looked into
the account setup, there is no "Outgoing Mail" tab for it - but reading various faqs
and so on, if I get this right, exchange connector is setup both for incomming and
outgoing, right?

I even tried to setup another account for outgoing mail like I did with Kmail;
one account for incoming (IMAP), the other account for outgoing via local

Any advice?


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