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Re: [OT - NOT FEDORA] Question for the TV engineers

On Thu, 2008-01-31 at 10:30 -0800, John Wendel wrote:
> Yes, I split the main cable connection into 2 cables (6-foot to TV, 
> 20-foot to computer) and then split the computer cable into 2 6-foot 
> cables for 2 computers. Have I violated some limit? 

As James said, that introduces losses, which may or may not be a problem
(signal strength, and the input stages of the devices determine that).
You could try one splitter that has four outputs, but then find that the
loss in the long cables is just as bad as the loss from the splitters.

Another option is TEE points.  Not the same as T-piece connectors that
people used with the old BNC LAN cabling (two BNC sockets and one BNC
plug, all wired directly together).  One signal line goes from the
signal source around the premises until the last place you need a feed.
Each feed is a TEE that takes a sniff off the cable, in a manner that
keeps the lines properly terminated and doesn't attenuate the signal
passing through the TEE onto the next one.

That sort of wiring tends to handle having a feed unplugged without
disrupting the rest, some splitters don't handle unplugging some of the
cables very well.

Termination and cable quality will affect operation, too.  Not to
mention the quality of the splitters.  If your splitters and/or
connectors come with guides about how to trim the cable to right lengths
for attaching to the terminals, then follow them to the letter.

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