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hello fedora & intel driver + suspend question

Dear list,

I've been running linux for a few years but had never specificallty tried Fedora until quite recently. My wife's iBook started to behave like never before, constantly crashing a throwing her the black screen of death, so I suggested we'd wipe OS X from there and install Fedora. After a weekend of tweaking (the long time partly due to my inexperience with rpm and redhat based distros), she is very pleased.

If there are any devs readubg this list, I would just like to say thank you for keeping the ppc-branch alive. It's much needed, and I guess will be all the more over the coming years. Please don't kill it off!

Now, being very pleased with Fedora myself I thought I'd install it on my notebook (it's a fujitsu-siemens lifebook p7010, for the record). That went quite well except for the fact that my laptop would give me a black screen after resuming from suspend, at least while running compiz. The problem reminded me very much of this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/133118, that we tried to solve a while back. A small patch was written as a result of the bug hunting (but due to Ubuntus weird update policy it's not included in Gutsy yet for some reason), and suspend/resume has been working fine ever since for me using the updated driver that can be obtained on that launchpad page.

Does anybody know if those patches are included in the fedora 8 package (which would mean that I'm seeing some other problem in Fedora), or if there are plans to update the intel driver with those patches? I'm mostly asking because I'm still pretty lost in the Fedora world, not yet sure where to find things or how to rebuild packages with patches. If anyone could help me with any such update I'd appreciate it.

If not, I'll definitely get back to Fedora sometime before 9 is released to help bug testing. There are some really nice things about this distro, one of which being its involvement in upstream. To me it looks like open source at its best, and with up-to-date packages at that. I love it when a distro ships bug fix releases without a fuzz!

Alright, this was just saying hello :-)

Best regards,

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