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alternatives to Dell Optiplex 320 mini-tower

A few months ago, I tried to install fedora on a Dell  Optiplex 320
mini-tower. After some problems and googling, I found out that this
model's bios, graphics setup, and(something else I forgot) seem to
resist mightily the idea of running fedora. People seemed to have
problems getting grub running and the SATA disk in that model doesn't
like LVM. This guy
claims to have gotten fc6 running on a 320, after 19 hours of
tweaking. I tried following his advice, but didn't get far.

Now I am wondering whether anyone on the list can suggest either a
comparable PC from Dell that will not be so annoying, or perhaps the
whole issue has become moot since then (fc8?) and I should try again?
The workstation 490s have given me no trouble, but they cost more.

By the way, knoppix runs fine on the 320 - what's up with that?


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