Help with notebook wi-fi

Robert O. Kahl rokahl at
Tue Jul 1 00:12:24 UTC 2008

John Burton wrote:
> Robert O. Kahl wrote:
>> I'm unable to get wifi working on my Presario Laptop (H-P) Model 
>> V6719NR.  Any Help would be appreciated.
>> The system is setup with Fedora 8/KDE, dual boot with Vista  The 
>> start-up error message shows:
>> Bringing up interface for wlan0.   Error for wireless request "Set 
>> Mode" (8B06)
>> SET failed on device  wlan0;     invalid argument
>> Determining IP info for wlan0...                [FAILED]
>> The boot sequence stops and then resumes after exactly 60 seconds!
>> The KDE Network Device Manager shows it recognizes the Atheros 
>> chipset, but I can't "Activate" it.
>> A dmesg dump shows:
>>          ath5k phy0: Atheros 2425 chip found (MAC: 0xe2, PHY: 0x70
>> (Incidentally, it works OK in Vista.  Their Device Manager shows the 
>> chip is an Atheros AR007)
>> Any advice on how to correct the "invalid argument" and to proceed 
>> would be greately appreciated.
>> Bob Kahl
> The Atheros series is only partially supported by the stock kernels - 
> Take a look at the madwifi packages from livna repository. If you're 
> luck your chipset will be supported. Even this doesn't support all the 
> chipsets. I have a MacBook Pro SantaRosa, which has a Atheros chipset 
> for wireless. I had to download the latest version of madwifi and 
> compile the kernel module in that before I got everything to work 
> properly...
> John
Thanks, John...I'll give madwifi a try.       Bob K.

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