why all are thinking in that way only?

Parshwa Murdia parshwa23 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 05:33:21 UTC 2008

dear g,


as i mentioned to you before, tech support list are a strange bunch.

some trusting, some not. i apologize for not going into more detail. :o)

just like i think your new 'subject:' is ok because it is a strange subject
for a list like this.

u are not going into the details, so please don't apologize because nobody
is saying u to go into the details, this mail was only for those who have
already let me know about the keyloggers.
subject was not strange but as i was new to the list, some fellow let me
know that the subject should be the same.


others will look just to see what you are up to now.

others may have passed over it thinking that they were not interested
they just are not interested.

some, no reflection to 'poc', will think as he did. which may have brought
response. others not, because to them, it is a dead subject.


people on the list are very good and it is an educational list, i have
learned too much and got the doubts cleared.



from response so far, you are getting a good response and at least, so far,
no one is telling you how 'stupid' or 'dumb' you are for even asking. no
reflection to 'craig' or his 'beavus' and 'butthead'.


one person can say according to his own feelings and knowledge, so actually
your words : 'stupid' and 'dumb' have shown the level of your own stupidity
and dumbness.



all in all, it does help to chose your 'subject:' as best you can. let it
sit for a while and if no response, think of a way to change it to have
more meaning.


u always (since i know u) act as a useless mentor who because your
suggestions are non-technical in nature.



in reading your post, as is evident from above line, you have trouble in
grasping 'proper' english. this is not a put down, just an understanding
of why you are going to run into problems from time to time.


u are the only person in the world if u are not facing any problem, and also
the first person of this kind.



as a suggestion for a 'subject:' line format,

'subject: [distribution, version] [hardware | program | operation]

then in body of post give more detail.

when thru, run a spell checker.

have heart. in time you will get 'hang of it' just as you are doing in
communicating in english.


hth. [i hope this helps you]

and no, my 'oops' and google was not by accident.


as already said, ur majority of the responses are non-technical in nature.
those who understood the problem, have let known the issue.

at the last but not the least, as you have been suggesting me (without i
asked), so i would also join a list for learning english much better and i
would thank to you for the suggestions.

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