Fedora Core 9: xorg savage driver freezes display

1lnxraider no-reply-gw at fcp.surfsite.org
Tue Jul 1 05:38:08 UTC 2008

Hello All,

I recently updated FC8 to FC9 and in so doing the new Savage Driver version 2.2.0-2 freezes the display on initializing the video card, a quad vga Colorgraphic Predator LT 4 PCI. Thru trial and error I was to get a simple test to work partially. That is 3 of the 4 screens will initialize and display the test session (ie X -config /xorg.conf.new) by using the option "NoInt10" in each device section.

This same hardware setup previously worked under FC6-8 and no longer works on FC9. The base system is a Dell Precision 340 with 512Mb RAM and an Intel 4 2.66Ghz CPU. The system is configured to operate under quad displays with Xinerama set to "true". Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Marcus O

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