Hardware browser??

Beartooth Beartooth at swva.net
Tue Jul 1 13:47:10 UTC 2008

On Mon, 30 Jun 2008 17:19:34 -0400, William Case wrote:

> Hi Beartooth;

	Hi, Bill!
> You should see a small window (less than 1/4 of your screen) pop up.  On
> my system it has four columns; the left column says "Desktop Computer";
> the next two columns are empty; the fourth (right-most) column has very
> basic data about the Desktop computer.

	Yes, I do.
> If I double click on the left-hand "Desktop computer" in column two I
> "Motherboard" and "Ethernet interface" are added.  Double clicking on
> "Ethernet interface" gives me the data about the Ethernet interface in
> the right-most column.

	*That's* where the dog is buried! 

	Yes, I just discovered this morning that it's not enough to click 
on the bolded stuff. You have to start all the way to the upper left, and 
open layers (or branches, or whatever they're called) from there.

	I had been trying to start, as seemed natural to me, in the 
rightmost column; and all it ever did there was re-scan.

> Double clicking on the "Motherboard" adds a whole list of motherboard
> components to the third column.  Single clicking moves columns leftward,
> double clicking adds info to the fourth column.  And so it goes ...

	Yes. Now I just have to figure out what people who speak hardware 
call a video card, and flounder around till I stumble on it, or so I 

> If it's working, play with it to see all the possible data
> presentations.  If it is not working as outlined above -- you've got a
> bug or some very very weird equipment.  (That doesn't seem likely from
> what you have described).

	What you don't know can hurt you; but what really makes trouble 
is what you think you know (like where to click) that ain't so.

> The gui could use some basic column titles and the ability to widen or
> narrow the columns. Practice using the little right pointing wedges to
> get additional info and using the up bottom on the tool bar to undue.

	It sure could. But I think I can get what I need now, eventually.

	Many thanks for the clue!

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