No audio on random firefox streaming of wmv

Filippo Mariotti mattogrosso at
Tue Jul 1 22:00:15 UTC 2008

Hi everybody, I'm new to this list and to linux. I use Fedora 8 and I
face a strange problem with Firefox. Audio works great for local files
and some streaming but when I play particular videos inside Firefox they
are completely mute. To test it below I post 2 example, one of each

I'm perfectly able to hear audio from^Home^Storie^Storie+nere^BLU+NOTTE

But I can't from^Home^Storie^Storie+nere^BLU+NOTTE

Both perfectly behave on windows using internet explorer.
Has anybody met this? Is there a way to understand which is the
difference from the videos above?

Mi Firefox version is, my Windows Media Player plug-in is
gecko-mediaplayer 0.6.2.

Many thanks in advance for your time.

Filippo Mariotti

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