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g geleem at bellsouth.net
Tue Jul 1 23:22:18 UTC 2008

DB wrote:
> Hi G,
> neither!  I had been trying a) to get my Epson all-in-one to work as per 
> book & b) trying to get a pdf printer installed.


> the Master & CUPS the servant providing a service.  One should be able 
> to remove either the Master or the Servant without destroying the other, 
> just making sure the connections are tidied up....

would be nice. not that simple.

reason i was asking, i was aware of connecting between progs and how
dependencies tied things together from writing controller programs.

i write primarily in assembly to get closer to hardware and only use
c for graphic display tie in.

in way compiled programming and rpm packaging work, it is no where near ease
of assembled programming when you want to remove something. i believe biggest
part of this lies within rpm package.

i did learn one thing for sure about removing something form this 'dependency
warning' bit and that is if you get a warning, do not. which you now know. my
learning was not as extensive as yours.

in simplicity, consider programs to have a 'base' which is what is actually
going on. 'support' which help it go, and 'dependency' as tied into other.

ie, a car with driver, body, engine, gas, oil, water, transmission,
differential, tires, steering wheel, nut that holds steering wheel. in no
particular order.

a lot can be removed and it will still go, how well and how far depends on
what is removed. biggest problem of the whole is the nut that holds steering
wheel and which one you remove. [no reflection]

so if you ever want to remove a program as in needing disk space, you can
usually remove just the base of it which is usually all in its own directory.
normally, once get outside of this directory, you are possibly dealing with

when you see 'dependency' you are dealing with just that. as you now know.

when every you see it, ask first, there are ways to overcome dependencies.
some times you can some times you will not.

cups is a very good program and when you have a problem with it, it is
usually with drivers. 'all-in-one' systems are a problem, epson it not as
bad as others, at least from what i have seen, other will differ.

noting time, it is time for me to fix my mom something to eat and it is
pasted your bed time. if you are still up, rahul and tim can give you good
help. i will be offline a couple hours.





in a free world without fences, who needs gates.

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