gnome-system-monitor applet -- [SOLVED]

William Case billlinux at
Wed Jul 2 04:25:03 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-06-29 at 09:21 -0400, William Case wrote:
> Hi;
> In F9 I find that all the view options of gnome-system-monitor applet
> other than Memory Maps and Open Files are greyed out -- and those do
> nothing discernible.  I can no longer choose All processes, Active
> processes or My processes.

One of the processes (anyone will do) has to be selected before the View
tab is un-greyed and allows the user to pick a category.  If I remember
correctly, gnome-system-monitor applet used to start with the first
process automatically selected.

Regards Bill;
Fedora 9, Gnome 2.22.2
Evo.2.22.2, Emacs 22.2.1

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