Double checking grub-install -- revisited ??

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Wed Jul 2 18:15:29 UTC 2008

William Case wrote:
> Hi Mikkel;
>> If I remember correctly from the first thread, you would get a brief 
>> flash on the screen with Fedora at the top of the screen, a short 
>> pause, and then the proper splash screen with Fedora on the bottom. 
>> This is a good indication that ether the video card or the monitor 
>> are changing modes to properly display the splash screen. I would 
>> suspect that it is the monitor changing modes to match the video output.
> Yes.  And that was where I was going to leave.  There was a suggestion
> on the list that I should file a bug against grub.  I was about to do
> that this morning and thought that I should check the first 512 bytes of
> each disk just to be sure.
> I checked and low and behold I found GRUB listed in the first block
> (mbr ??) of both disks.  So I thought I should chase that down before I
> filed an inappropriate bug report.
This should not be a problem. Because the part of Grub on the MBR 
does not display anything - it just loads the next part of Grub. The 
MBR on the second hard disk would not be used unless it was chained 
to by another copy of Grub, or if you tell the BIOS to boot from the 
second hard drive instead of the first. (Or if you swap the drives, 
or remove the first drive...)
>> Didn't the problem go away when you turned off the splash screen, 
>> and ran Grub in the text mode?
> Yes, it does.  Which makes the problem a Fedora grub problem, not just a
> grub problem -- I would think.
Unless Fedora modified Grub to use splash images, it would be a Grub 
problem. It may be specific to your hardware combination.


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